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         At  about 5,000  feet above ground

level,  your  parachute  will  be  deployed.

From there, you can either sit back and

relax for the scenic canopy ride back to

earth. Or, if you prefer, you can ask your instructor to let you take the reins and steer the parachute. Take the ride nice and slow to take in

                                                  the stunning views, or for even more

                                                  experience fast canopy turns and spirals.

                                                  Your instructor will land the canopy right in

                                                  front of our hangar for all of your friends

                                                  and family to see. After jumping at WV

                                                  Skydivers, you are officially a skydiver!

                                                     Schedule your first jump today and

                                                  see the world in a completely new way by skydiving with WV Skydivers!

       If  you  would  like  to  capture  your

skydive  with  photos  and  video,  WV

Skydivers has the perfect package for

you - after all, sharing your experience

with the world is half the fun. Check out

what  we  have  to  offer  on  our  prices


We look forward to seeing you soon!

    Next comes the most thrilling ride you can get and you'll join an elite group of daredevils to gain a lifetime of bragging rights- you’ll exit the plane with your instructor and experience

the remarkable feeling of freefall. You will

get an exhilarating 35-45 seconds of

freefall reaching speeds of 120mph.

       You and your instructor will be strapped together with special parachute gear designed for two. You’ll then enjoy a beautiful plane ride to an elevation of about 11,000 feet above ground level (agl) – that’s over 2 miles into the sky – where your WV Skydiver' experience officially begins.

While we are excited you chose WV Skydivers for your first tandem jump with us we understand people sometimes have the desire to further their skydiving experience after their first jump. If you  find yourself craving more from WV Skydivers feel free to explore our Student Program and learn to skydive on your own!

Experience the Thrill

Jump Tandem

      As the only USPA Group Member drop

zone  in  the  central  tri-state  area,  WV

Skydivers is the obvious choice for your first

jump in the surrounding West Virginia, Ohio,

and Kentucky areas. A tandem jump is the

quickest and easiest way to experience

skydiving for the first time. You’ll be paired

with one of our USPA-rated tandem

instructors who will be with you through the

whole process. After about 20 minutes of ground instruction, you’ll be ready to climb onto the plane and make your first skydive.