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Student Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements?

You must be at least 18 years of age (there are NO exceptions to this rule) but we do not have an upper age restriction. It's never too late in life for adventure!

Are there weight restrictions?

In order for our equipment to keep both you and your instructor safe in a tandem skydive (required before your first solo) you MUST weigh less than 260 lbs.

What are the health requirements?

To complete ANY level of jump at WV Skydivers you MUST be in general good health. Issues that will keep you from qualifying include sinus problems, seizures, and heart conditions. If you have any of these conditions, you will be required to present your instructor with a release from your doctor. Feel free to contact us here with any other health concerns.

What should I wear?

You will want to dress according to the weather, but keep in mind that it will be about 30 degrees colder at the altitude you will be jumping from. Track pants or athletic-style clothing is recommended, however jeans and t-shirts or other loose fitting clothing is acceptable as well. You MUST wear tennis shoes. You cannot wear boots, heels, open toed shoes, sandals, or flip flops. As you get ready for your jump your instructor will provide you with a flight suit to wear over your clothing as well as goggles. Contacts are not a problem, but be sure to mention them to your instructor.

Can I bring my own camera on my skydive?

Under no circumstance may a student bring a camera on a skydive. The Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs) mandated by the USPA prohibits people with less than 200 jumps to wear any camera gear on their person or equipment. Cameras create a snag hazard during parachute opening and are a danger to untrained users and the instructors in that regard. Our video personnel are well trained in the use of their video equipment while jumping, and the chances of a student being able to get footage of their own jump are slim to none.

What else should I bring?

You MUST present a photo ID (i.e. driver's license, passport, state ID) as well as form of payment before you can take off. You will be asked to fill out a waiver for ALL levels of skydiving. Save some time by printing it off here and having it read, filled out, initialed, and signed when you arrive. Also, feel free to bring as many friends and family members as you want! If you intend to finish the student program you might want to bring a way to take notes, as well. Being informed and knowledgeable will help you tremendously along your journey to becoming a USPA licensed skydiver!

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is questionable, call ahead. We will not jump during inclement weather. However, just because there are clouds in the sky does not mean that rain is guaranteed. We are continually monitoring the weather so call before coming to the drop zone and we will let you know if the weather is a factor.

How long will everything take?

It can take up to 25 solo jumps to become a USPA licensed skydiver. You only need complete one tandem skydive before you can start jumping (with assistance) on your own with the guidance and supervision of our talented and experienced instructors and coaches. The entire experience of skydiving is not as "quick" as a jump. Please expect to spend several (sometimes up to seven hours) at the drop zone. Showing up on time (or the recommended 30 minutes early)  and prepared can help reduce the time you spend preparing for your jump; There are a number of reasons that delays may occur and we are dedicated to putting your safety first in any situation which means we will take our time to ensure everything is to standard before your jump. You are welcome to bring a book, picnic, volleyball- anything to pass time. We have a volley ball court, picnic area, and lounge area available. Our goal is always to make your wait as short and as comfortable as possible.

How can I learn more about the USPA and Skydiving?

Simply visit our resource page for links to valuable sites to help along the way! Or, go directly to USPA's website here!

A note on Drugs and Alcohol:

The use of drugs and alcohol before your jump or on the premises of the drop zone is absolutely not tolerated. If you have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs you will be asked to leave without making your jump and your deposit will not be refunded. No alcohol can be consumed by any participants at any level until the last load of skydivers has taken off at which time the "beer light" will flip on, indicating celebration and consumption of alcohol is allowed by those of legal age.

Didn't find an answer to the question you had? Contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible!