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The Faces of WV Skydivers

Jake Rubin

Tandem instructor, Coach

"Taking my first leap out of the plane was the most magical experience of my life. Better than double rainbows. Better than cherry lollipops. I knew it would be a part of me from then on. It moves me so much to see students come out and go through the ever rewarding challenges that I had gone through. Nothing touches me more than having the ability to coach them along the way."

Adam Mabry


"Adam here! I am a Kentucky native. I have been flying for over five years now. I attended Morehead State for college and then went to flight school at Delta Connection Academy. Currently, when I am not flying the Cessna over Robert Newlon Airpark, you can catch me flying a King Air 350 and a Premier 390 (based out of Knoxville). I lived in Florida for five years but moved back home in 2010. In 2011, I met my new skydiving family and the fun hasn’t stopped since. I am an EXTREME sports kind of man so I fit right in with these crazy nuts at WV Skydivers. I can honestly say now that you are not a pilot until you have thrown a few skydivers from your plane. I am currently working on my CFI with the hopes of being able to teach others to fly."

Ellen Weed


In 2012 I decided I wanted to go skydiving for my Birthday. I got a group together and we went to WV Skydivers. I may have jumped for the first time on April 1st, but my love for it after that jump was no joke! I quickly started student status and graduated just in time for one of the years biggest boogies at one of the worlds biggest drop zones. My experiences from skydiving have been non-stop since then. I have the coolest life I can imagine, and I am so glad to be helping the very place that started it all. Blue Skies! 

Phil "Philippi Rodriquez" Henry

Tandem Instructor, IAD Static Line, Coach, Pro Rating, WV USPA Safety and Training Advisor, POPS 9100, Muff 4201, Rigger

"I made my first skydive in 2001 at the insistence of my girlfriend (now wife). Much to her surprise, I loved it!  I now have over 2300+ jumps. I hold USPA UPT and Eclipse Tandem Instructor Ratings as well as Static Line and IAD Instructor Ratings. I also have my PRO (Professional Exhibition Rating) and I am the USPA Safety and Training Advisor for West Virginia. I’m also a Licensed Private Pilot. Being the S&TA means that I’m kind of the “Drop Zone Cop”. If I see someone doing something stupid, they owe beer. Some of guys around here owe lots of beer! Budweiser Please!"

Rocky Martin

IAD,Coach, Pro Rating, Chef

"As for inspiration to skydive...I'd say it was more like motivation. The door was open. However, the main reason is; I don't want to become sedentary. I got tired of rafting and other outdoor stuff, and I realized it was time for a change. Best jumps: Chunking an eight-way base out of a Casa with 4 newly acquired A licensed skydivers then building a 17 way with the home DZ personnel. The next best was a sunset beach jump in Sebastian FL. Goals: Stay healthy, jump, and teach more first jump courses."

Andy "Crusty Rodriquez" Ferguson


Andy is our International Man Of Mystery. He is the illegitimate father of us all. He is the glue that holds the place together. He is a patient man, with few words BUT - when his words are spoken, they are filled with such sage advice that even the most experienced skydiver will stop to pay heed. He is the one that we all look up to and can only hope to be as cool as one day.

Anthony Gianquity


"I did my first tandem skydive in 2009 with my mom for her 50th birthday. I wouldn't say I was hooked immediately. I jumped on and off from 2009 to 2010, and then got pretty serious about skydiving in 2012. I got my skydiving license the same year and have been jumping as much as I can ever since. I also love flying in the wind tunnel. If I didn't thoroughly enjoy flying my parachute, I would spend all of my money and time inside a wind tunnel. When I'm not skydiving you can find me working as a nuclear pharmacist, golfing, or watching television! My main skydiving goals are to become an awesome freeflyer, learn to swoop, and help new skydivers improve on canopy control and flying while hopefully having a lot of fun."

Karl Foose


"I have been flying for fourteen years and a commercial pilot and flight instructor for 11 years. Flying jumpers is completely different from any other type of flying I've done and I love it. As most people, I have always been a bit interested in skydiving but had never done it. Since I started working here, I haven't had as many excuses not to try it. So late last fall I made two solo jumps. I'm not sure if the addiction has set in yet, but I can see where it's going to become a problem. This is one bucket list item everybody needs to check off!"

Bob Dolin

DZ Owner

"Hey, I am Bob. Bob loves…to fix things. In addition to being one of the owners, I am the man who keeps the plane (and subsequently the jumpers) in the air. I made my first skydive in 1997. It was something I had always wanted to do and when a group of my coworkers decided to take the plunge I said “count me in”. Of the twenty of us who went through the First Jump Course, only four of us made it to our A License. I have around 1200 jumps under my belt. I have loved them all (well, maybe all but two). I have jumped from a number of planes, including: Steerman, 182, 152, 206, Casa, PAC750, Beach 18, Otter, not to mention a few different types of helicopters. My favorite jumps were always the big ways at the boogies I traveled to. To be honest, I loved filming tandems. It has brought me great joy to be able to give a person a video of one of the most amazing experiences of their lives. Nothing like watching a person play out their bucket list right in front of your lens.

I want to personally invite you out to the DZ to see what we do. If you are nervous about jumping, just come meet the staff and watch a few jumps. See why it is our customers feel “at home” in our small DZ. Come join the cool kids and be a part of our family.

Carl Bailey

DZ Owner, Airport FBO, Owner Fly-In Cafe

"As a child I always dreamed of flying. At the age of 12 I'd ride my bicycle from West Pea Ridge through Altizer up & over Clark Estates to Route 2 to the Robert Newlon Airport just to watch airplanes take off. In 1973-74 Robert Newlon Airport was very active. I met a man names Clarence (Smitty) Smith who took me under his wing. He took several local kids to his house & gave us ground school training & the opportunity to be around the airport. One day when I was at the airport a man named Charlie Henry gave me my first airplane ride. Once I took that first flight– I was hooked for life. I took up formal training at Bates Aviation at the Tri State Airport. My first instructor was Charlie Blakeman. I worked hours sporadically until I got enough to get my license. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would return to Robert Newlon Airport as the FBO. But as fate would have it, the baton was handed down to me by Jim Burdette who maintained and took care of the airport for the last 35 years.

After being at Robert Newlon for 3 years, Andy (Crusty) Ferguson approached me about starting skydiving operations at Robert Newlon. Thought it was a good idea, bought a 182 Cessna and with help and support of my partner Bobby Dolin (and many others- too many to list!) WV Skydivers was born. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the WV Skydivers!"

Ralph Osborne

DZ Manager, Manifest, IAD, Video, Coach, Pro Rating

"I made my first skydive the summer of ‘98’ and still remember it like it was yesterday. I didn’t plan to but I fell in love with the sport from the start and have been jumping ever since. Along the way, I got my Coach Rating, Static Line and IAD Instructor Ratings, and PRO Rating. I also shoot a lot of the skydive videos at the drop zone. I now have 1250+ skydives with over 12 hours of freefall time. Don’t tell anyone, I also have a few BASE Jumps, some legal and some, well I’ve never been caught. So come and skydive with West Virginia Skydivers and I think you will love it as much as we do. Blue Skies!"

Sam Tomlin

Tandem Instructor, IAD, Coach, Rigger

"I was on jump status with the 82nd Airborne Division for 7 years. After 17 years and no jumps, I took the first jump course on my birthday in 2009. I have been hooked ever since. I now have my D-license and my Tandem rating. I have over 650 jumps and over 4 hours of time in a wind tunnel.  Some of my highlights have been: Jumped with my Mother when she did her first Tandem skydive at the age of 81 (that was awesome!).  I was able to be with one of my daughters, my brother, my niece and one of my friends on their first tandems. IIt has been awesome to be there and experience first jumps with family and friends.  I took a canopy control class with Louigi Cani while I was still on student status. I travel as much as I can and take my rig with me so I can jump at different DZ's. It is fun to be able to do that. I just recently took a wingsuit course and absolutely loved that!! I will be doing as many wingsuit jumps as I possibly can.  I am 45 years old and I work full time as a Flight Nurse. I have met some awesome people in the skydiving family and I look forward to many more jumps with them. I love the idea of being able to pass along what I have learned to new skydivers and hope that I can teach them as well as I have been taught."

Dave Boster

IAD, AFF, Coach, S/L, Pro Rating, Safety and Training Advisor

"Hi! Dave here.  I remember the thrilling sensation of my first jump like it was yesterday (even though I've been training new skydivers for over 20 years now).  I want to share that amazing feeling with you! I am one of the instructors and Safety & Training Advisors here at WV Skydivers. I am the father of 3 wonderful boys Dylan (13), Carmie (12), and Dawson (9), and one beautiful girl, Ariel (15) who all can’t wait to skydive. I've also shared some spectacular jumps with my wonderful wife, Christy.  My “real” job is as an ER Nurse at a local hospital.  I am dedicated to making your skydives with us as safe and enjoyable as possible and I am always available for any questions you might have. See you in skies!"

Michael Bratcher 

Tandem Instructor, SL, AFF, 24-hour FF Badge, Rigger

"I made my first skydive with the Ft Campbell Sport Parachute Club in 1988 - fell in love with the sport immediately. I couldn't wait to get ratings so I could teach this fun filled exciting sport. One of my most jobs was a Military Free Fall Instructor at Yuma AZ just before retiring from the Air Force in 2003. I've recently acquired my 24-hour FF badge. I'm a SL, AFF, & Tandem Instructor with just over 1700+ jumps. I enjoy sharing my experience in the sport I love. Blue Skies!

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