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WV Skydivers does not accept third party reservations or coupons. The only way to book is by calling 304-521-8156.



Price includes a jump from 11,500ft off the ground

harnessed to a USPA instructor while reaching 120 MPH in freefall for 60 seconds. Then, enjoy a scenic canopy ride for about four to six minutes.

(Military Discount Tandem: $200)


How do you adequately explain to your friends what an amazing time you had? You can make them jealous with professional high quality video and pictures from your jump! We now offer several packages, making it easier than ever to choose how you share your jump!

$100   Still Photo Package- 20-40+ digital photos on a free USB

$100   Video Package- Raw video footage of your jump on a free USB

$120 Video & Stills Package- Raw video footage and 20-40+ photos on a free USB

Student 1st Jump Course


(Offered the 1st and 3rd weekend of every month)

Price includes a USPA certified course where you will first jump tandem with a USPA certified Tandem Instructor while receiving in-air coaching, followed by a four to six hour course instructed in a classroom setting and led by an IAD Instructor. Once your coursework is complete, you are ready to jump out of a plane by yourself for the first time. You will be accompanied by an IAD Instructor who will walk you through your first solo jump.

Student Jumps

Once your First Jump Course is complete, you can then work to reach your own skydiving license in as little as twenty-five jumps working with our skilled instructors and coaches.

Category 'A' (2 IAD Jumps working on arch and control) - $100 each

Category 'B' (3 PTO Jumps working on stable practice deployments)- $100 each

Category 'C' (3 Jumps: 1 stable clear and pull, 2 stable 10 second delays)- $100 each

Category 'D' (4 Jumps: 2 15 seconds delays, 2 30 second delays)- $120 each

Category 'E' (3 Jumps: 2 disorienting maneuvers, 1 self supervised freefall)- $120 each, $100 for self-supervised

Category 'F' (2 Jumps: tracking jumps)- $120 each

Category 'G' (4 Jumps: 2 docks, 2 docks with fall rate change)- $120 each

Category 'H' (3-4 jumps: 2 swoop and dock,1 signal break-off, 1 100 ft track)- $120 each

Experienced Jumps

Hop & Pop (4,000 ft and below) - $20

Full Altitude - $25

Flight Observer


Is jumping out of a perfectly good airplane not for you but you would still love the thrill of being there as the jumpers exit the plane? Come along for an observation flight and look at the world from a different angle.

WV Skydivers proudly accepts all debit cards and the following credit cards:.

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