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WV Skydivers does not accept third party reservations or coupons. The only way to book is by calling 304-521-8156.

WV Skydivers is a group member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), which means that we agree, in the interests of safety and good communications, to abide by the safety standards they set. This also means that all of our instructional staff is certified by the USPA.

Learn to Skydive

WIth WV Skydiver's Student program

         So, you’ve discovered your for skydiving, and you’re ready for something more than a tandem jump. Now what? Becoming a licensed skydiver is very attainable with the training program offered at WV Skydivers. To achieve solo skydiving status, we offer training that will allow you to jump on your own and and eventually pursue other goals such as group skydiving, advanced canopy control, freeflying, and, yes, even wingsuiting.

         Our student course, for those willing to leave the plane on their own, is a USPA certified course where you will first jump tandem (if a tandem in the previous 30 days has not been already completed) with a USPA certified tandem instructor while receiving in-air coaching. Your tandem will be followed by a four to six hour ground course instructed in a classroom setting and led by an IAD (instructor assisted deployment) Instructor. Once your coursework coursework is complete, you are ready to jump out of a plane by yourself for the first time. You will be accompanied by an IAD Instructor who will walk you through your first solo jump, and in radio contact for instruction to help guide you to the landing area.

           Once your First Jump Course is complete, you can then work to reach your own skydiving license in as little as twenty-five jumps. The price of the first jump course includes your tandem, ground class, and first solo. Student jumps after your First Jump Course is complete are cheaper. You must make a student jump at least every 30 days to stay current until you've received your A-license.

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